What are the differences between website development and design?

What are the differences between website development and design?


A website is now the face of any business as many businesses are transitioning over to virtual marketing. The reason is great numbers of people are also being added to this virtual community every single day. They have also reaped rewards and investing more in online marketing. Here is the importance of web development and web designing. This is now the utmost target and the key of the businesses to stay ahead of the competitors and gaining more and more customers every day.

Web designing is not just creating and making a website but from content revisions to maintaining the performance of the website, web developers can help you in different aspects.  Website development and design, these terms are used often interchangeably but they are two different aspects that need to design and host a website.

Some major differences between website designing and website development

Web designing

Web designing is what you actually see when you look at any website. This may highlight the font used, colors, images, as well as the logo of your company, are placed in the web page prominently and as the end result, a neat page looks great and interesting for the visitors.  Easy navigations, presence of the important buttons or the information in different strategic locations can help you to convert the visitors to your potential clients. Therefore, designing is the most important parts of building your website. Your potential customers are supposed to be impressed by the design. Within a web designing service, you will get:

  • Perfect balance

Distributing the lighter and heavier elements within your web page so that it comes as an aesthetically pleasing website

  • Contrasts

Creating the striking contrasts including the fonts, colors, shapes or images

  • Emphasis

Creating the hierarchy of elements included in your webpage as per the order of its importance is the primary job of a web designer. All the important elements can be lost if there is an equal emphasis for all. Font style, types, colors, highlights, positions need to be used in a proper way to bring out the emphasis.

  • Repetition

Repetition and rhythm is another major part of web designing. The same color, same logo, same fonts and even the bar colors should be repeated on every page. It will help the customers to understand that they are learning about one single company only.

Web Development

Website development and design are different as web development is concerned very much with several hidden elements to make the website dynamic. It also helps the customers to enter their details and to meet the queries regarding a product or service from your page. They develop and update your website as per the new trend. A web developer usually works with different aspects like:

  • Recalling and creating information from the database
  • Using computer languages like PHP, JAVASCRIPT, Perl or even C++
  • They help you in project management

Most of the people think that web designing and development are the same but there are few differences between both of them.

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