Traveling by plane: that'swhy I wouldprefer to other ways of traveling

Traveling by plane: that’swhy I wouldprefer to other ways of traveling


For those who love to go around discovering new places, the plane is certainly one of the most pleasant and, often, convenient means of getting to their destination. Among those who get on the plane because they could never give up the height in flight, however, there is also a small (or perhaps not so much) number of travelers afraid of being at high altitude who get on board, but who continue to wonder why he ever decided to fly. The world of travel is full of many types of tourists, each of which has its own characteristics and needs. By analyzing the scenario of airport transfer, however, we can identify reasons, which will do so 


Afterwards we have indicated to you what are the essential aspects for us and then evaluate which company reflects us more in order not to get lost among the multitude of aerial realities that exist. First you need to think about the speed of the journey. How far away our destination is, the air travel will always be faster than any other. Other elements are also linked to this aspect, such as the modernity of the aircraft and the comfort of the seats that allow us to reach our destination without arriving tired and stressed. The advocates of high-altitude travel will only confirm the advantage of speed, which is also one of the elements that most succeeds in convincing non-aircraft lovers to get on one when they decide to embark on a journey.

Do we want to forget the reduced cost? Traveling by plane allows you to save money, or at least there is the possibility of doing so. Regardless of the route, there are often last minute offers even for destinations far from our starting point that you cannot give up. And here is also convinced the tourist who loves being with his feet firmly on the ground. Not to mention that there are numerous low cost companies offering affordable prices, even if the services are not so numerous. 


Traveling by plane is convenient for many reasons: the first is certainly to feel important for those who take care of you (aka on-board personnel). Do not forget the catering and entertainment service, without forgetting the convenience of saving time, especially if we travel on a direct flight, and the possibility of enjoying a breathtaking high-altitude panorama.

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