Which plants would be ideal for your indoor wall garden?

Which plants would be ideal for your indoor wall garden?

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There’s nothing more amazing than decorating the interiors with green lushed plants brimming with a relaxing odor and soothing feeling. The latest addition to this trend of decorating indoors with plants is “Indoor wall garden” or more commonly referred to as the “Vertical garden” and it’s pretty clear what it means right?

People all across the globe have started taking this new trend into account and to be honest it looks freaking awesome. Beautiful plants hanging on a big wall giving that portion a unique view of the entire house is cooler than this article is making it sound. Other than enhancing the visual appeal of the room it is also an effective way of utilizing the vacant space by showing off your beautiful choice of plants and hiding the old patches your wall may have developed over the years.

If you’re a greenery lover but holding back on the garden due to space shortage then an indoor wall garden is your answer. They’re not expensive, don’t need a lot of space and most importantly they make you look cool. There are tons of plant varieties available in the market but the excessive availability of options doesn’t mean each of them would be ideal for you no matter what the nursery owner says.

Here’s a list of our top selected plants that you must consider if you’re looking to build an indoor wall garden:


In our opinion, Pothos or Epipremnum is the best plant for an indoor wall garden due to it’s less dependency on the direct sunlight and low maintenance. It is super easy to take care of and it can be either attached to sturdy support or hanged from its resting place. One drawback of this plant, in particular, is that it grows really fast but don’t be afraid of trimming it every now and then because a trimmed plant doesn’t mean an awful looking plant.


Ferns belong to the class Polypodiospida and the number of Fern species that are known to exist is estimated to be around 15,000 but some experts believe the real number is around 10,500 but that’s not what you’re looking to hear, aren’t you?

Fern is an amazing plant that requires close to none direct sunlight and it actually thrives in places that has access to indirect sunlight. This is a very adaptable plant and requires very low maintenance but it does require a little moisture for its optimum growth.

Lipstick plant

Weird name isn’t it? Lipstick plant is a cascading plant that has big lipstick like blossoms and big green shiny leaves. The reason this plant in particular has made it to our list is because of its tolerance capability of low sunlight and mild harsh climatic conditions. When this plant fully grows it resembles an exotic blooming basket which is just mesmerizing to look at.

Baby’s tears

Oh boy! and we thought we were done with plants having weird names but as it turns out we’re not. Don’t be taken aback by its unusual because it is one of the most beautiful looking parts of the plant world. When it fully grows it forms a mat of big green shiny leaves that are bound to catch the attention of anyone present in the room. Few things to keep in mind before allowing a place for this plant on your wall garden is that it can handle the moderate and bright sunlight but not something intense and also always keep the soil moist but never soggy.

Final words

Before we draw curtains there is something we must point out, there’s no plant in the entire ecosystem that can survive on zero maintenance or a complete lack of natural resources unless it is artificial or something from a sci-fi movie. Setting up an indoor wall garden is an idea that you would never regret pursuing however not maintaining it may bring a frown line or too. Always use sturdy support for your garden and plants that best befit your lifestyle and you’ll something that you can adore for the lifetime. 

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