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7 Tips on home lighting design

House lighting design should not be underestimated as even if you spent a huge amount of money on home decoration or furniture, the ambience would not be optimized if you didn’t highlight their beauty in the right way, so let’s know more about house lighting ideas and answer some questions.

1. What kind of lighting shall I put in each room?

Before answering this question take a step back and follow two golden rules, the first one is to mix and match between lighting sources at many different levels to give your room a special flattering ambiance, and the second rule is the task of lighting in other meaning why do you want from this lighting is it for getting dressed, is it for your wife to put makeup or reading or … and in order to determine this we will help you with five tips for key spots and spaces.

Dining room: Between 3000-6000 lumens

Don’t put the lights right above the dining chairs because it will reflect shadows on faces which are not cool.

In order to prevent accidents when someone gets up from his chair and hits the lamps or fixtures, hang the lighting at least 10-12 inches above the dining table.

Use the recessed lights to highlight the decorations in the middle of the table like flowers, candles or centrepieces.

Living room: Between 1500 – 3000 lumens

Take in consideration that lighting should be adjustable or movable depending on the task either reading, watching TV or even just sitting so it won’t be annoying to you in any position.

Avoid lighting to be directed to the eyes because it will not be comforting. It will harm the eyes and cause headaches.

If you want fixed lights then make sure that they are dimmable to adjust based on task or you can place the fixed fixtures and support it with more task-oriented lighting fixtures like for reading.

Create the mood, and that’s very important. You can create a mood with the dimmable lights or a theme of lights colour.

Kitchens: Between 5000 – 10000 lumens

General rule, make sure that you place the lighting in angles that cover every single inch in the kitchen and to reduce shadows you can place recessed lights all over the ceiling.

If you are using cabinets or chimneys above the cooker then make sure to place side spotlights to light the cooker surface.

You can also create a special mood by lighting even for the kitchen, to make it interesting to cook.

Bathroom lighting: Between 4000 – 8000 lumens

You have to distribute the lights in levels in order to cover all the bathroom, especially in front of the mirror for shaving, putting makeup for her and so on (you can read our article about the art of bathroom lighting.

Water closets, shower cabinets and other separate areas should have its own lighting system to cover all the dark and shadow areas. Also, consider dimmable spotlights for visits that are in the idle of the night.

Bedrooms lighting between 2000 – 4000

Don’t include too many fixtures in the bedroom, hang in the middle of the room centrepiece fixtures to light the whole bedroom.

Include dimmable light lamps on the sides of the bed for reading and help you to relax. Make sure when you choose the fixtures to be helped with the lighting mood of the bedroom so it won’t be intrusive.

2.Pick the right fixture size

As we mentioned before in the bathroom lighting article, that we need to always include the right size of lamps, chandlers, centrepieces and pendants, that’s how the greatest interior designers think and advise.

3. Consider the room paint colour

If you are creating a special feel or ambient for your room with painting then lighting must match the same mood, you have to consider also that if your room painting is dark then the lights must be bright and if the room painting is bright then you can use less lighting and depend on natural light more.

4.  Consider energy consumption

If you want to plan for a lighting system that depends on many spotlights and artistic lighting then you have to consider the consumption energy, so in this case may consider the LED lights (read more about our LED lights benefits article) for long living and low electricity billings.

5. Pendant lighting

If you are using pendants then you have to hang it on an appropriate height so no one hits it and in order to fill the whole surrounding with light, and of course if it’s light is bright then make sure it’s dimmable.

6. Positioning

Again, don’t forget to position your lighting in layers because placing your lights in various heights gives a cozy feeling, they are more flexible and not boring.

7. Mix and match

Use a variety of lighting products and apply a mix of the tips we’ve mentioned above, you will find our range of bathroom lighting, ceiling lights, light bulbs, spotlights, outdoor lighting, recessed lights and of course match the switches with the mood of the room and style.

Now you are an expert and have enough knowledge to choose the right lighting for your home, pick out the right lights for your dream home on HomeWagon.com today.

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