What Are CAT Percentile Calculators?

What Are CAT Percentile Calculators?


CAT percentile calculators are online tools that help students know or calculate how much their CAT percentile score could be. A CAT percentile calculator calculates a student’s CAT percentile by taking the candidate’s rank based on scaled CAT score. For example, if 1000 people take a CAT exam and a particular student ranks among the top, meaning 999 students got fewer scores than you, your percentile will be 999/1000*100= 99.9.

How Accurate Are These CAT Percentile Calculators?

The tools cannot provide an accurate percentile. These tools can only calculate an estimated result that a student will be scoring in their exam. They are there to give the student an estimate of what to expect from their exam based on all of the data provided by the student. The tool also considers the past year’s cutoff trends and this year’s data.

What Parameters Are the CAT Percentile Calculations Based On?

CAT percentile calculations are based on four parameters. These are the following parameters:

  • The total number of candidates who have appeared for the exam.
  • Your performance compared to your peers.
  • The slot-wise difficulty level of the exam in that particular year.
  • The section-wise difficulty level of the exam in that particular year.

Why Are CAT Percentile Calculators So Popular?

The whole point of CAT calculators is to let students know where they stand after they appear for the exam. These do not provide an accurate percentile that you will be scoring in the exam. They are just based on the information supplied by the student as well as data available online.

What Are the Factors that Affect the Calculations?

The factors that affect the outcome of the calculations are the difficulty level that the CAT question paper will be based on. Each paper has a different difficulty level. The next is the number of students that will be appearing for the CAT exam. Putting these factors together, you can see how the results may not be completely accurate.

What Data is required for the CAT Percentile Calculator?

When you try to use some online CAT percentile calculators, you will notice some particular questions.

  • Number of correct answers/attempts
  • Number of incorrect answers/attempts
  • Number of correct answers/attempts for non-MCQ questions

Why Do People Use CAT Percentile Calculators?

So many people use CAT percentile calculators to know where they stand after appearing for the exam. They are not given an accurate result of what they will score, but they are given an estimated result of what to expect. This gives the candidates an idea about the likelihood of getting selected into any IIM or top B School of India. Most students who use these calculators use them to get ready to give their WAT and GD/ PI rounds.

Advantages of CAT Percentile Calculators

  • You have an estimated result that tells you where you stand.
  • You can easily shortlist MBA colleges that you would like to apply for based on your score.
  • You can apply to colleges that accept your result in the CAT percentile calculators.

Disadvantages of the CAT Percentile Calculators

  • They are not accurate and only give an estimate of your score.
  • You should not consider them the final result.

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