What are the recommendations from the best CA test series?

What are the recommendations from the best CA test series?


It is very useful to practice many best CA test series exams, then you get a good idea of ​​what an exam looks like and what you should expect from it. The best CA test series also contain a lot of information. If you haven’t learned yet, and take such an old exam, you’ve already become much wiser.

Start on time

One of the biggest problems in preparing for CA exams is lack of time. As a result, sometimes you can’t learn everything, you have to learn more in a day than usual or you don’t have time to repeat. In this way you can lose points unnecessarily despite the great study efforts. Why do you suddenly have too little time? The main causes are an error of judgment, the lack of proper planning and procrastination.

By starting early, you still have the opportunity to solve these problems.

Assess your study work well

It is important that you know exactly what you need to study, so that you can base your planning on this. If you don’t have a full table of contents for the subject, make your own. If necessary, copy and complete the most complete table of contents.

Make a plan

Now that you know what to study, you can start planning your work. Make your schedule so that you have enough time to learn everything. Split your work into blocks that you can plan over a day. Take your breaks into account. Take some margin. Usually, studying takes a bit more time than planned. Take this extra time into account.

Your planning should give you a feeling that your study approach is realistic so that you are not constantly stressed. A plan should also not be too detailed. Working with time blocks of 45 minutes or an hour is ideal for most people. With the best CA test series, you learn how to plan your exam preparation according to time management.

Procrastination is a human behaviour and normal.

The key to addressing this is to recognize your procrastination and not give in to it. Many people are afraid of the unknown. Opening your textbook can be frightening because it’s a leap back into the unknown: there may be material we’ve forgotten or hard to understand.

Once you start, you usually notice that it’s actually not that bad. When procrastinating, try to envision a positive image of studying and adopt a ‘just do it’ attitude. Another trick is to imagine what it feels like to have passed a good exam. The appreciation of your parents, the good feeling about yourself, the possible rewards that you attach to it for yourself.

Find the right study environment that suits you

Try to find a good place to study. Some people can learn anywhere; others need a quiet environment or are very easily distracted. There are also students who like to study among other people in a public library or other public place. Try to analyze your needs and make sure you find a good place to learn. Also, dare to ask your family to support you in this.

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