Find out how translation services in dubai performs Technical translation X Certified translation

Find out how translation services in dubai performs Technical translation X Certified translation


The globalized world in which we live makes borders a mere detail when doing business. Today, it is very common for medium and large companies to deal with suppliers from the most diverse countries, in addition to directly marketing their products to other audiences.

This creates a great need for the translation of documents of the most varied species. For example, imagine having to send a technical manual for a product to China and not being able to write it in Mandarin. The absence of content in the language of the country receiving the product can even make the business unfeasible.

It is precisely in this context that professional translation companies come on the scene . They are responsible for translating documents and any other type of content from Portuguese into a foreign language or, conversely, from a foreign language to Portuguese.

Although these companies do all kinds of work, it is important to understand what the difference is between technical translation and certified translation .

What is technical translation?

Any material that has a high degree of specificity and does not require public faith, can be considered a type of technical translation . This category includes product manuals, work guides and any other documents of a specific nature that someone can produce.

In cases like this, the most important item to be conveyed is the exact understanding of its meaning. In these circumstances, for example, the literal translation of a term may not be the best choice, since within a given context a word may have other meanings. Thus, this is a job that requires a lot of research on the part of the translator.

Think, for example, of the degree of difficulty required in translating a medical manual, for example. In cases like this, it is recommended that the technical translator has some familiarity with the medical language at least in its original language. Knowing where to search for these references is also of paramount importance, since these factors will ensure that the work delivered will, in fact, be understood by the medical community of the country in question.

What is Certified translation?

In general, we can define the Certified translation as the version of any document that requires public faith. The Certified translation is only for Certified translators, professionals who have been admitted and qualified for this function.

The type of translation here can vary, ranging from technical documents to any other types of documents, but generally the legal aspects are the most required in cases like these.

Think about the following situation: a foreigner needs to take a course at a public university and, for that, he needs to prove that he has a certain degree. As much as he has his diplomas and certificates in hand, all of them obtained abroad, they are written in a language other than Portuguese and our legislation does not, in most cases, allow them to be accepted.

For this, it is necessary to resort to Certified translation. It is nothing more than the Portuguese version of documents like these, made by the hands of a qualified professional and whose translation has an indisputable character, since he was given the power to “give faith” to the documents. The difference is subtle, but technically some documents require this requirement.

Each type of translation has its importance

As you can see, each of the translation modalities has its importance. They can often go hand in hand, as is the case with technical legal translations which, if they are being produced for the purpose of being presented in a court, can be considered technical and Certified together.

For a Certified translator, at the end of the day, any job can be done, but knowing in advance what the specific purpose the translation is for can help to better adapt the language. The Certified translation has some particulars in this regard that need to be respected, while the technical translation may allow a little more freedom. That is why it is important to understand the production process for translation .

Translation companies are the best place to look

Regardless of the type of professional you are looking for, the best way to find who you need is with translation companies. They are responsible for selecting professionals for the most diverse purposes and have specialists in several sub-areas who can make a difference when you need services for document translation .

They are doctors, engineers and lawyers with extensive experience in technical translations, who will certainly have a much easier time and will be able to deliver better quality material in a technical translation than more generalist translators or with a bag more focused on literature.

Obviously, they can do the job too and in some languages ​​there are not many options available. However, it is undeniable that the fact of knowing the legal language or the medical language can help a lot and be one more way to guarantee that the final result will be within the expectations that the client has.

So, whether you are an individual or a legal entity, before requesting a translation, of any kind, do your research well among the Translation Services in Dubai . Those more serious and with more experience translation companies in the market will be the guarantee of quality work at a fair price!

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