Gym Gloves And Wrist Wraps And Why You Should Use Them

Gym Gloves And Wrist Wraps And Why You Should Use Them


Everything goes through wear and tear, and your body is no exception. Lifting heavy weights is not something anyone should take lightly (see what I did there?) and you should take the necessary steps to make sure you’re taking care of your body even as you work on getting healthier and fitter.

For many weightlifters, professional or amateur, gym gloves are an essential item. They protect your hands from cuts, bruises, and injuries, while minimizing the friction between the skin and the weight you’re lifting. Wearing gloves also helps you improve your grip, which is important especially if you’re lifting very heavy weights and one wrong move could mean a lot of pain for you.

Speaking of staying injury-free, another important gym gear would be wrist wraps. Ever lifted a heavy weight and strained your wrists? Wrist wraps help with that. It provides support to your wrist joints when you’re lifting heavy weights, especially in pressing movements and overhead lifts. When your wrists gets pulled into excessive extension, that means compromised mechanics and possible injury. You get derailed and lose ground and the gains you’ve made.

Wrist wraps are also great for rehabilitating wrist issues – if you’ve previously suffered wrist injuries and are slowly getting back into weightlifting, then wrist wraps will help you ease back into it better.

You can get gloves and wrist wraps separately, or you can also check out our Raptor Weightlifting Gloves with Integrated Heavy 18” Wrist Wraps. As the name states, the gloves are integrated with wrist wraps so both your hands and wrists are protected and supported. These are designed to be as durable, safe, and as comfortable as possible.

The Raptor Weightlifting Gloves features double padded palms and stretch ventilator mesh for max comfort, double stitching for increased durability, and 18” integrated heavy wrist wraps with adjustable pressure on the wrist.

If you need a little more convincing, read on.

Secure grip

We all sometimes reach a point where our traps and biceps can still pump out a few curls, but you’re struggling with your grip – maybe from fatigue, or just from good old sweat. Well, if you’re wearing gloves, then you don’t have to worry about slippage. You can keep focusing on the muscles you should be focusing on, until those muscles get tired.

Having a more secure grip can also mean a better workout intensity, which means better performance and results.


Weights and bars can be cold and rough, and it gets especially uncomfortable when you’re in colder climates. Having gloves between your skin and the bitter cold of iron can go a long way in having a more productive day at the gym.

And regardless of how you feel about calluses – some people don’t like them, some people are proud of them – I think we can all agree that cuts and bruises on your hands make exercising much more difficult, and you can even get sidelined because of the pain.

Low-cost and easily available

You can exercise safely and comfortably with weightlifting gloves – and they’re easily available and relatively cheap. What’s not to like?

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