When Can Your New Puppy Start Training Classes?

When Can Your New Puppy Start Training Classes?


Getting Started: Training Classes

It is not a good idea to get your puppy in training classes after they have already developed many problematic behavior issues. Veterinarians used to advise puppy owners to start puppy training classes when a puppy had gotten all of their boosters and their vaccines taken care of. The result of this notion was that many puppies had already developed their behavior problems and many puppy owners had already started to get frustrated with the poor conduct of their puppies. It ought to be known that many issues begin, for puppies, during the critical period of socialization.

A puppy is around three to 16 weeks of age during this period. During this time, a puppy tends to soak up much information. They learn about their surroundings. This socialization phase will help a puppy to understand the things that are safe for them and the things that are harmful to them within their surroundings.

Many puppies start training classes once they have received at least one set of their vaccines. This should happen seven days before they begin their training class. It is not wise to start training classes after a puppy has various ingrained behavior issues and wait until they have every booster and shot because it is better to prevent behavior problems before they begin. It ought to be known that behavior problems, in puppies, tend to depend on the breed of the puppy along with various other factors.

Puppies may have fear periods and phases. A fear phase can be showcased in various types of behaviors. Every puppy will have different types of behaviors that may stem from fear during their puppy years. Many behavior issues begin around eight weeks of age. Control situations and classes can prevent many fearful responses and help a puppy to feel secure. Houston Puppy School is a good place to obtain more information about training classes and good puppy conduct.

A Good Age to Enroll a Puppy

The AVSAB or the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has a set of clear recommendations for training classes and puppy enrollment. A good enrollment age is between seven weeks and eight weeks of age. Once a puppy has enrolled in training class, they ought to continue with their routine vaccinations. The modern and current ideas hold the notion that getting puppies enrolled in training early will offer many benefits to owners and puppies. Houston puppy school has the skills to provide each puppy with a unique plan to help them to achieve much success in training class once they are enrolled. Your puppy will reap the rewards of training classes if you start them out at eight weeks and continue for at least one month.

Do Not Misjudge the Timing

Many new puppy owners have misjudged the entire timing process in terms of trying to determine the right time to begin training classes. Keep in mind, a good reason for a training class includes socialization and obedience.The entire training process can be smooth and efficient and the timing should not be misjudged by owners. It is possible to prevent many unwanted behavior problems in the future with good training and good timing. Consistency will be one of the keys to success too. If you do happen to start the training process after many behavior problems are in place, it is important to know that you can teach an old dog some new tricks. It is never too late to turn a naughty puppy into a classy and well-behaved puppy. Good behavior can be encouraged and good follow through will always make a positive difference in the life of any puppy.

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