Know the Various Types of Pipe Tobacco

Know the Various Types of Pipe Tobacco


It is a surprising fact that tobacco products have several health benefits. Apart from controlling obesity and stimulating the protein elements in our body, tobacco is a representative of your class. The pipe tobacco has an array of blends and varieties prepared under a wide number of tobacconists.

Here is a guide to choose the Best pipe tobacco from amongst its various types:

1) Aromatic Pipe Tobacco

Scented and flavored, the aromatic pipe tobacco is an overwhelming product. The wide variety of flavor have been extracted from vanilla, chocolate, cherry and also from some high-quality liquor such as rum.

2) Non – Aromatic Pipe Tobacco

Enriched with natural ingredients, non- aromatic tobacco is sweeter than its counterpart. These tobacco products are not scented and so you experience the raw flavors of pipe tobacco which is the best feeling of smoking.

  • Cuts Of Pipe Tobacco

This is a special category of pipe tobacco products where it is cut and packed into the pipe for its longevity.

  • Ribbon cut

These are irregularly cut from the flakes by the labors into pieces. They can be used directly.

  • Flake cut

These are easy to use tobacco pipes. It needs a little preparation before smoking. You need to rub and separate the large and flat flakes before using it. This gives it a ribbon cut look. It can also be used by folding up a slice of the flake before transferring into the chamber.

  • Plug

This is a solid square bar with different suppressed layers with a pinch of nectar in it. Honey, with its sticky nature, helps the tobacco to combine, and are found in the best pipe tobacco. To get a flake cut out of it, you need to cut it down to slices. It is known for its longevity.

  • Shag cut

This tobacco is also cut mechanically but is much finer. Unlike the flake cut, it dries up quickly and so, cannot be preserved for a long time.

  • Types Of Blending Tobacco
  • Burley Tobacco

Cigarettes are mainly prepared with Burley Tobacco. It burns relatively slower and has a mild and light taste.

  • Virginia Tobacco

This tobacco is known for its sweet taste and is extracted from regions across the world. Quite similar to the Burley tobacco, Virginia tobacco is also used as a base. If you are looking for elegant smoke, this is the best choice.

  • Cavendish Tobacco

This tobacco is immensely aromatic. Cavendish tobacco is not an individual kind of tobacco, rather it helps to enhance the aroma of other flavors. It is mellower flavored.

  • Types of Taste Tobaccos

This tobacco helps to garnish the blended tobacco with its extreme level of flavors and aromas.

  • Latakia Tobacco

This is a dark, smoky flavored, spicy tobacco especially found in the classic English and American Tobacco.

  • Oriental Tobacco

Unlike the sweetened and flavored one, Oriental tobacco is spicy. The texture found in it is quite dense and oily. It is mainly used for its fragrance and mostly added to the English blends.

  • Perique Tobacco

This tobacco is quite rare. Grown exclusively in St. James Parish, Louisiana, Perique is a spicy product. The black pepper flavor inhibited by it makes it unique and strong.

If we dig deep into the geography, we can find endless categories of tobacco. Choose the Best pipe tobacco to enhance your personality and build an aromatic surrounding.

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