Few Facts about Big Sweep Super 7

Few Facts about Big Sweep Super 7


Big Sweep Super 7 came into existence in July 4, 1988 and was incorporated by Pan Malaysian Sweeps Sdn Bhd. This Malaysian version of the original big sweep game is more like a sweep stakes like game rather than just being a lottery. The sweep stakes tickets are distributed under the brand name of Big Sweep and all the proceeds from the tickets sold are donated to the Yu Cai Foundation.

Highlights for Big Sweep

Through their appointed agents Big Sweep offers public its printed tickets. It was March 18, 1989 when the first draw of this game was held and till date more than 400 draws are made. There has been sale of over 2.8 billion tickets and may be more.

For every draw nearly 7 million tickets are printed and sold at the rate of five ringgits per ticket. The cost also includes the goods and service taxes and gaming tax.

Playing Big Sweep Super 7

When you play the game you will find certain variations and that includes the main draw as well as the Scratch3in games. It gives you more than 7 chances for winning the first prize.

Every ticket of the game has a 7 digit number that starts from 1xxxxxx and ends at 7xxxxxx. Thus, you can find that there are 7 series of tickets in total. There will be numbers drawn and for winning this you need to match the last 6 digits. Thus, it’s not the series that will matter but it’s the last 6 digit that will matter.

Depending upon the combination of your ticket numbers you can have more than one prize for every winning ticket.

Once you buy the ticket you will be able to know about the draw number of the game nada los the draw date for that particular series of ticket. There are two sections of the ticket and they include the main draw section and along with the Scratch3Win which includes the main scratch area.  It also includes the bonus scratch area too.

After scratching the main area if you are lucky and have the bonus scratch too then you will get another chance for winning some more prizes. Every draw gives out 1769189 instant prizes that can be won by the buyers of the tickets. In the main draw there are 56189 prizes for winning.

Getting the claim as a winner

The draw is held every 3 weeks and then the players get the chances to win prizes. There are different combinations that will help you win prizes and once you get that you can claim your prize either from the main office or the branch offices. They also have authorized agents from whom you can claim your prize. In order to know whether you are a winner or not you have to check the dailies for results or visit any local outlet.

The main office of Big sweep Super 7 is in Kuala Lumpur with their branches in Johor, Perak and Penang. Remember that in order to claim your prize you need to proof your identification, thus carry necessary documents.

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