Trains are one of the common means of transport that people take to travel around. Trains are much easier means as people can either sit or sleep on the trains. It is preferable than buses because of the comfort it gives to passengers. The facilities of the train depending on the type and class of the train you travel to. Even the rates of the tickets vary based on it. Usually, people use the local trains or metro for intracity and expresses or superfast for intercity travel. There are different kinds of fastest trains available in India which many are unaware that connects us to different cities in no time. Some of them are,

  1. Rajdhani express – There are more than 22 trains of these kinds which connect two cities overnight with a limited number of stops. It is one of the fastest and all the coaches are air-conditioned.
  2. Shatabdi express –These are also fast trains but one of the specialties of this train is that it connects cities and comes back to the origin where it started. Also, they have only seats and no sleeper coaches. Jan Shatabdi is another kind that is affordable to all people.
  3. Duronto express – These are one of the fastest trains in India which reaches the destination faster than the other trains. It only stops in main stations and has both AC and Non-AC coaches. Based on the budget you can opt whichever you want. Passengers are also provided with food.
  4. Humsafar Express – It is one of the new kinds that have facilities like GPS tracker, fire alarm, CCTV, curtains and it also has a vending machine where you can get tea, coffee or water bottle.
  5. Garib Rath–These are fully air-conditioned but less speed than the above-mentioned trains. They have seats and it is cheaper.

Apart from these trains, there are a lot of other express trains that are cheaper and less fast that all people can afford. There are also special Suvidha trains that are launched on festive or peek occasions to help people commute. As most of the above -mentioned trains are for long distances, there are also expresses that connect cities that are nearby. They also provide AC and Non -AC coaches.

One thing everyone must note is that not allthe trains provide food. Since the pantry is removed from the trains, food is prepared from outside near one of the stations and it is then brought into the train when it stops for a brief period in a station. Most of them provide good food although few people might not like them, and some passengers prepare their food and get it. For people who didn’t get food or who don’t like the train food, there is always a train food delivery option available through which they can order food online. They also must enter the train details and the next nearest station details. With the given information, food will be delivered to the passenger in the station. This makes life easier as people don’t

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