The Most Iconic Video Songs in Indian Cinema to Watch

The Most Iconic Video Songs in Indian Cinema to Watch


There are always iconic songs videos that can make a person feel fresh and happy right away.  In this era, where you are steeped in the contemporary music, there are so many video songs from the past that might make you fall in love with them right away.

You know what this post is going to take you through some of the most iconic video songs of Indian cinema and you should not miss out on them. These video songs shall get you a taste of past music and rhythm coupled with evergreen fun and enjoyment. Keep on reading this post to understand about these video songs. And don’t worry because you can watch and download all these video songs once you have Vidmate app. this video downloading application would give you all these video songs with endless variety in videos and movies for free. You can pick your format and resolution too. For now, have a look at a few of the most iconic video songs below:

MeraNaam Chin-Chin Choo: Howrah Bridge

Helen foremost made a squelch in this film of 1958 directed by Shakti Samanta. Decorated as a Chinese dancer, Helen naturally pampers with the camera and Ashok Kumar. The addictive and stunning music by O P Nayyar and S Hazara Singh and that of the remarkable dance steps make this an instant and thrilling classic. The video song really takes you in an era of bliss, flirt and fun. You have to check out this song and you would end up watching it recurrently.


Ah, this is true that the year 1955 has seen Bollywood’s most romantic and stunning pairing that was saturated in this song. With Raj Kapoor forming his Chaplinesque credentials and the simple and gorgeous NargisDutt by his side to love, PyaarHua was certainly the unsanctioned love anthem of the period. Shankar and Jaikishen’s unforgettable score mingled with Manna Dey and LataMangeshkar’s love-filled and melodious voices gave further momentum to this splendid love song. The beautiful lyrics of this song by Shailendra just add to the attraction of romance. It is apparently a song for lovers to relish and cherish even in this contemporary age.

Ek Do Teen

Do you know this amazing song Ek Do Teen launched MadhuriDixit’s career in a practical way and assisted her rule the times of early 90s like no other superstar? So much so that even kids started learning how to speak numbers with this song while the audience turned Dixit into a superb sensation. And maybe you don’t know that N Chandra directed this flick or that Dixit’s co-star was none other than ever young Anil Kapoor. This song really is iconic and takes the audience into the world of rich and engaging music.


Thus, you have to watch these video songs if you look for some iconic moments. These video songs would give you a peppy experience for sure. Since you know it now where to get these video songs, go ahead and grab them for a wonderful time.

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