Teal Swan

Discover Your True and Authentic Self with Renowned Spiritual Healer Teal Swan


Life has its shares of highs and lows; however, there are times when a person gets lost in the journey of life. This is where they need the loving presence of a spiritual healer to help them along the path towards positive change and transformation. With the guidance of their healer and mentor, it is simple for people to find their authentic selves and experience a more happy and blissful life. 

Teal Swan – Changing lives for the better 

Teal Swan is an esteemed name in the field of personal transformation. She was born with a wide range of extrasensory abilities and uses her exemplary gifts to help people. She is able to heal and guide people with compassion and kindness because she was a victim of abuse herself as a child. Today, she uses her own personal experience to inspire millions of people towards joy, freedom authenticity. She teaches people how to transform their physical, mental, spiritual, and physical pain towards positive transformation. 

The importance of being true and honest 

She says that when people are restored to wholeness, the world will be restored to wholeness as well. Her teachings invite people to step fully into their own authenticity, knowing that this will bring the positive change that people wish to see around the globe. 

The meaning of true love and how it helps to develop real relationships 

According to her, it might be comfortable to express your own feelings and thoughts. At the same time, it is uncomfortable for one to hear the truth of someone else’s present feelings and thoughts. However, those feelings and thoughts should never be suppressed. This is the only secret to any real relationship- the truth needs to be on the table. 

People are made of love 

People, in essence, are love; however, this love has an illusion. People are asked to love an illusion of themselves unless they are willing to be open and vulnerable to reveal the truth of who they are in the present moment. If the truth is concealed, one cannot love the person they do truly as they are not able to see reality at that point in time. 

Know your motive for spirituality and self-help

According to her, the only axis of choice and power is to be present in reality as this helps one to see the whole truth. A person should have the willingness to see the truth and not force someone to do so.  This is where you need to do one of the most important things: to decide with honesty about what your real motive should be when it comes to the practice of self-help and spirituality. 

Teal Swan helps people discover the truth and, in her opinion, believes that the truth might not be bitter all the time. There are some cases where the truth can take you in completely opposite directions. She is a teacher that helps people see reality no matter how uncomfortable it might be for them.  

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