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Esteemed Civil Engineer Reddy Kancharla Reveals Some Interesting and Unknown Architecture Facts

For most people, architecture is a serious topic that can be enjoyed or even appreciated. Many individuals are enthusiastic about architecture even though they do not work in the field. They like to read about architecture especially past and ongoing projects; they wish to find out about specific buildings and the makers behind them along with the construction process. 

Reddy Kancharla is equipped with extensive knowledge of engineering theories, practical solutions, and principles for engineering problems in the construction and civil engineering industry. He has been involved in several projects over the past years, and they include many high-rise developments in New York City like the USTA National Tennis Center, the Terminals of 1, 4, 5, and 7 of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport and the Yankee Stadium and the Giants/Jets Stadium. 

He obtained his bachelor of science in the field of civil engineering from the Osmania University in Hyderabad, India, and got his master of science in civil engineering from The Texas Tech University at Lubbock. He has over 25 years of rich experience in projects that focus on geotechnical consultation, civil construction, construction QA/QC, and ten years of senior management experience. 

Amazing facts and trivia about architecture

According to him, there are multiple facts and trivia that people have not heard about in the field of architecture. They would heighten the interest of many individuals, and some of them have been described below- 

  1. Architecture was originally an Olympic sport – This is a surprising fact, but it is true. In the first four decades of the Olympic games that are famous over the world today, medals were awarded for different non-sport achievements in the areas of painting, music, sculpture, literature, and, yes, architecture. The sole way for a participant to qualify for the above was to make it related to sports. So, it was natural that multiple architecture award winners were gifted to sports facilities like ballparks, football stadiums, ballparks, and other venues for sports. 
  1. The Sims game was an architecture simulator in the beginning – The popular simulation game started off as an architecture simulator. It was designed to play like SimCity, where the players would design houses, and the NPCs would later test their structural quality and integrity. When this game was launched in 2000, it was revamped to highlight a blend of fashion, design, and a little bit of architecture. 
  1. The top source of income for the Empire State Building – The Empire State Building has 85 office floors, and the floor that brings in the maximum amount of revenue is the observation deck. In the year 2014, the building recorded earnings till $111 million while the lease from the office spaces totaled about $104 million. 

So, the next time you think architecture is a serious and boring subject, think again. Now, you know these facts and can share them with everyone to marvel in wonder!

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