Best French Classic Baby Names

France is a classic place which has always been known for its culture, vintage vibe, rich language, diverse cultures and traditions which have always attracted people from all over the world. From its beautiful scenery to architecture to the Eiffel Tower to the city of romance, France has always been on the mind of every individual in World. But what a lot of people also love about France, in general, is their language and the beautiful baby names that originated from the country. For every new parent or grandparent was looking to name their babies something unique and beautiful these French baby names can help you narrow down that search. 

For new parents tipping toes into parenting the first step is to choose the most unique and best name for their little ones. French classic names always are meaningful and can be the best pick for any French Girl Name or Boy Name. Below is the list of 20 such names with their meaning and alternative spellings. 

Best French girl names

1. Aimèe, Meaning beloved

Alternative: Aime, Aimey, Aimia, Aimiez Aimy, Amey. 

2. Antoniette, meaning praiseworthy

Alternative: Antonetta, Antonella, Antonia, Antonine.

3. Bernadette, meaning brave as a bear

Alternative: Bernita, Bernetta, Bernardette, Bernediene, Bernette.

4. Blanche, meaning fair and white

Alternative: Blanchette, Blanch, Blanca, Bianca 

5. Camille, meaning religious attendant and girl in white. 

Alternatives: Camilla, Camia, Camiel, Cammilyn, Chamika, Camyll, Chamelia.

6. Chanel, derived from Channel or Canal.

Alternative: Chanal, Channelle, Shanel, Shanell, Chane, Channal, Chanei. 

7. Charlotte, meaning strong and free.

Alternative: Charo, Carlotte, Charlet, Charletta, Charlott, Lotta, Charlette, Cheryl.

8. Chloe, meaning flourishing and blooming. 

Alternatives: Clo, Cloe, Kloe, Chloee, Khloey, Chloie, Cloy. 

9. Lorraine, is a French province. 

Alternative: Laurene, Lori, Lorette, Loraine, Lors, Lora, Laraine, Lorain. 

10. Juliet, one who is always young. 

Alternatives: Julliet, Juliette, Julieta, Julia, Jules, Giuletta, Julyet. 

Best French male baby names 

1. Sébastien, meaning one who is honored and respected, and adored. 

Alternative: Bastian, Bastiano, Debo, Sebastian, Sabastian, Sebashun. 

2. Rusell, meaning one who has red hair or fox colored. 

Alternative: Russo, Russon, Rusel, Rush, Ruselle, Rustyn, Rustie, Russ, Russie, Rustin.

3. Roy, meaning a king, royal, or has red hair. 

Alternative: Royal, Royce, Roye, Royle, Ruy, Roi, Rey. 

4. Lucien, meaning light

Alternative: Lucee, Lucienne, Luce.

5. René, meaning one who is reborn.

Alternative: Renat, Rennie, Renny, Reni, Renato, Renataus, Ren, Renae. 

6. Quentin, meaning the fifth. 

Alternative: Kweten, Quentilien, Quenton, Quenelle, Quincy, Qwinten. 

7. Percival, meaning one who pierces the veil. 

Alternative: Percivall, Perry, Persival, Percevall, Perc, Parsefal, Perci. 

8. Valentin, meaning healthy and valiant

Alternative: Valentijan, Valentinian, Val, Valen, Valenco, Valentine.

9. Tristan, noise and bold 

Alternative: Trestyn, Trisan, Trustian, Trsytian, Tris, Trisan, Trissten, Treston. 

10. Travis, meaning one who crosses at the crossroads.

Alternative: Travias, Travius, Trevius, Treves, Travers, Trevis, Travous.

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