What Are the Top Instagram Story Downloader Tools?

What Are the Top Instagram Story Downloader Tools?


Instagram is progressing like a newly-discovered phenomenon. With its enthralling features like the stories, photos, videos, and IGTV videos, it is capturing everybody’s time and space. Instagram is slowly becoming a goods factory providing too many products from too many vendors at cheaper and affordable rates for too many customers. Brands post Instagram photos or videos on an average of 1.5 times a day. Instagram videos are 38% more likely to receive engagement or views and likes and tags and shares than Instagram photos. More than 500 million people use Instagram photos and videos on a daily basis.

The very famous heart or the like button is hit almost 4200 million times on a daily basis. Mostly, youngsters use Instagram who are between the ages 18 to 29, and who need fast-pacing downloads, and websites that can download video Instagram photos, IGTV videos that too for free. They also say, 1 in 4 active users who are from Gen Z actively watch stories of products they intend to buy. Near about 59% of the millennial watch stories over Instagram. Almost 70% of the Gen Z checks out Instagram stories.

They say, the best time to post on Instagram is between 2 to 3 PM CDT. Instagram photos and videos can be stored on your device as well as on your computer, or they could be shared with your followers or whoever you want to share them it. ‘11’ can be your magic number if you use it with a hash tag. These are many amazing websites that can help you download Instagram stories on your computer or your mobile device over the internet for free of cost and free of any hassle. Let’s find out about them, shall we?

  1. SocialDown: Using this particular Instagram story downloader tool, you can download as many stories as you like from your favourite Instagram users. All you have to do is enter the Instagram username and click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button. Stories here are downloaded in the highest possible resolution. It has other features as well, SoundCloud Downloader and Twitter video downloader.
  2. 4KStogram: On this website, you can download Instagram stories in your Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems. All you have to do is pay for the license that will enable you to get access to an unlimited number of users, and also let you download stories. You get to save short-living posts lasting only for 25 hours from any Instagram account you like. It is available in many languages like Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, etc.
  3. Instagram Downloadr: When you open in super-fast website, you will come to know that it is a multi-faceted website which lets you download not just Instagram stories, but also profile pictures, user albums, IGTV videos, photos, and videos by just copying and pasting the Instagram username in the textbox and click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button. This Instagram downloaderwebsite will not charge you a penny. There are blogs to keep you updated and handy.

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