Some Inspirational Innovative Ideas from Clothing Wholesaler

Some Inspirational Innovative Ideas from Clothing Wholesaler


Children like fancy dress, and it makes them excited and thrilled. They like to dress differently and want to look like their favorite cartoon character, Superheroes, or Disney Frozen characters. Your kid likes to get dressed in fancy clothes for the school fancy dress competition. You can rent one or buy online a superb fancy dress from a clothing wholesaler, where you can find varied different styles and forms. It is a real joy when you see your kid jump in joy wearing the fancy dress.

Fancy dress competition is very popular, particularly in lower grade classes like a nursery. In these events, children can dress up in fanciful costumes and act like their favorite Superhero characters, animals, or cartoon character. The frozen characters of Disney are another inspirational way of dressing up your kid for the eventful competition. The competition is not only about the fancy dress your kid wear, but how he enacts the role he is playing. Some innovative ideas and dialogue give the character verve and spontaneity. It could be a famous dialogue of the character, a tune, a song, or imitation of the character. You should make your kid prepare for it, for a stunning performance on stage.

Costume Ideas

Plan and get ready for the fancy dress competition in advance. The color, style of the costume must resemble that of the chosen character. Do some research on the character, pay attention to what kind of dress the character wears to give authenticity? If your kid wants to play the role of any frozen character of Disney, here are a few references.


Apparently, she looks balanced, royal, and aloof. Inside she is fearful of spilling the powerful secret of creating ice and snow. The ability to create ice and snow is mystical and dangerous, which almost killed her sister, Anna. She desperately wants to restrain her mounting power, which fortuitously started a perpetual winter.


She is bold than charming and sometimes impulsive. Her outlook is always optimistic, and her character is compassionate. She longs to get associated with her sister.


Kristoff lives in mountain tops, harvest ice, and sells in the kingdom of Arendelle. He has a strong character and lives with his trusted reindeer named Sven. He is strong-willed and follows his own set of rules.


Hans is a good-looking prince who comes in the kingdom of Arendelle for Elsa`s crowning. He grew up with 12 older brothers. He is attentive, elegant, and courteous.

Once you have chosen the character, planned and bought the dress from a reputed clothing wholesaler, think of a suitable makeup for your child. Makeup is very important to give you child the appropriate look of the character. While choosing to make up, use lead-free lipstick and nontoxic powder as the skin of the child is sensitive and soft.


Do not choose common characters, be innovative, and think out of the box. If there is no particular theme for the competition, the scope of creativity is larger and grater scope of the experiment.

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