How to mark laser polymers with pearlescent pigments

How to mark laser polymers with pearlescent pigments


In this modern time, all the works are done by machines. Everyone is entirely dependent on the machines to do their work. Laser engraving is one of the most famous machines which help to make labels of the company on the products. In earlier times, the naming would be done through carbon dioxide, which does not harm the environment, but due to several inventions, such machines are available, which do all the work like labelling and many more. As everyone sees the label before doing any work. It is mostly used in companies of metals such as jewellery, plastic companies, and many more.

These pigments are mostly used to decorate plastic products. It is only possible through laser engraving 0.2% to 1.0% pearlescent is used for marking. As the quantity of the pigment increases, the darker will be the mark. It also depends upon the quantity of the product. It depends on the material which is used to make the type of metal. These labels are mostly black, grey, or white. The usage of the pigment should be very small.

How to mark the metals?

The high amount of laser light is used to make a mark on them. As the temperature increases, the material will show some colour change. The laser engraving is computerized, which is used to make drawings on the glass material to look it very6 nice, It is a two-dimensional figure. The working of the laser beam should have light power than the used light to make the material. With this technology, all the machines work computerized due to which the small marks or the drawings or the written part can be made.

Special pigments

The different kinds of pigments are used for coloring, or many things such pigments are: fluorescent pigments, pearlescent, and many more. These are best to make designs on the toys, fashion items, and many others. These are used to make different identification or to design it differently from other toys so that it should have its own identity. Carbon dioxide now only use to make different labels on the hard materials, which PVC, ABS, and polyesters, and many more. The little amount of oxygen is supplied to that area, which is about to have the mark so that a black layer surrounds the mark. If the steam appears, then a white or grey layer is formed. A combination of different colors is used to colour the substances other than grey, black, or white. The temperature of the polymer degradation should be higher than the foaming agent. The laser mark is put on polymers such as nylons, acrylics, and many more.


As we know that this is the modern world. Every work is done by machines. These machines are very helpful. They make work very easy and help us to live life comfortably and happily. If machines are not there, we are not able to work properly. The machines are the gift of this new generation.

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