A guide to the parking management system

The parking management system is used for numerous products in the industry of parking. It may be a new thing for you to hear, but it’s almost used by every business to get sales and make promising customers. 

It is a system that helps people manage their parking without any hassle for users. Parking is one of the problems when you go around for a drive or shopping. This is where the Valet Parking Software comes into play. 

There are many elements of a parking software or management system. However, the essential components fall into four categories, as mentioned below. 

1: enforcement options 

2: reporting 

3: access controls 

4: payment methods

With these components, the parking management systems work. Here is how they work in different ways! 

1. Office centric parking management systems 

Of all the segments, the fastest-growing in the office parking. Being dysfunctional in the past, smart office parking systems are adopted by the office owners by software and hardware suppliers to overcome the problem of parking in their parking space. 

Companies can buy these valet parking software and provide the parking facilities to their customers. They don’t have to enhance the number of spaces they already have. All they need to do is install this software to be a fully automated administration of car parking. 

2. Manual parking 

The manual parking is the one that requires a person to look for anyone coming and going out of the parking space. The low tech environments usually have these manual parking management systems.

The manual management parking system follows the process of accepting payments from the driver while they go and come out of the parking space.

The person-in-charge gives the driver a manual paper to check for entry and exit. He will continuously be on the go-to look for any unusuAl scenarios like if someone stays in the parking lot than the usual time. 

This may be cheaper than the automated pairing management systems, but it is purely resource-intensive and possibly has the potential of a large margin of corruption and error. 

3. Hardware focused parking management 

This is the management system that is on the run for the last 50/years. The pieces of hardware control the access and payment in the hardware-focused management systems. 

The drivers hAve to pAs the barrier to gain access to any building by pulling a ticket out of the hardware in front of them. Before they exit, they will have to pay at the station for the time they stayed inside the building or office. 

This system requires the presence of a person too. The person will look for any difficulties faced by the drivers and will guide them accordingly. 

4. Software focused management systems

This management system is something that is on the go these days

 Many providers offer the owners with valet parking software that gives a smoother and smarter experience to the drivers.  

The digital revolution has made the parking experience easy and comfortable. The drivers can use their smartphones to pay, and there is an option of capsules payment too. Meaning the drivers don’t have to have money to enter the parking lot or park their car. 

The arrest of all the common types of the parking management system is the software focused parking management system. Almost everyone is now switching to this digital and smart parking management system. 

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