Chin Augmentation Women Procedure- Do They Affect Your Smile

Chin Augmentation Women Procedure- Do They Affect Your Smile


If you suffer from a receding chin, you might want to correct such a deformity to boost facial balance. A disproportionate chin will adversely affect your side profile appearance. With the help of a chin augmentation surgery, you can make the jawline stronger with face contouring via the surgery to attain a younger look.

Chin augmentation procedures can improve facial harmony by reshaping the chin into better proportions over others. Women can correct a recessed chin and regain lost confidence and self-esteem when it comes to their overall facial appearance.

The procedure also improves the neck and jaw structure to instantly lift your face and take off the extra years from it. Many women often have a concern as to whether chin augmentation women procedures will affect their smile.

In general, experts say that changes to your smile after successful surgery are due to the inflammation and swelling of the chin. There can be changes in feeling; however, all of these symptoms are limited to the patient, and smiles are not affected after the healing period is over. 

Chin implants for a redefined look

Chin augmentation surgery for women is generally done with implants. This implant arrests the submental fullness of your chin, known as “double chin.” It defines the jawline and the neck without the need for a facelift. Simultaneously, a chin augmentation procedure can decrease the distraction of a large nose, or it gives you an improved facial proportion.

Most women are concerned about the chin implant. They feel that after they receive this implant, they will land up with a crooked smile. Generally, the best facelift is a smile; however, the good news is your chin implant will not affect the smile at all.

The chin implants are safe

The chin implant is either placed on the incision in the mouth or beneath the chin. This implant is synthetic in nature as it is made of silicone. This is how it can be aligned to your jaw bone. Since the implant does have an effect on the skin, nerves, and muscles of the face, there will be a tight feeling or sensation after the implant. The area will feel a little stretched, but the sensation will disappear after some days when the healing period is over. 

Generally, the procedure will not affect your smile; however, there are cases where scars will be seen after the surgery. Again, they will fade with time, but you will have to wait for them to go completely. Your specialist will guide you here, and if you take the right care after the surgery, you can reduce the appearance of potential scars.

Chin augmentation women procedures bring back a defined facial contour and make you feel and look younger. It boosts your self-confidence to a large extent. When you are going in for the procedure, ensure you choose a specialist with good credentials and proven track records in the field. In this way, you can get the desired results and look years younger than you actually are!

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