Here Is How To Cancel Your Two-Wheeler Insurance

Here Is How To Cancel Your Two-Wheeler Insurance


In India, it is mandatory to have at least third-party motor insurance to be able to operate your vehicle legally on the roads. Thus, as a bike owner, you need to make sure you renew your two-wheeler insurance on time every year to avoid incurring a hefty penalty. Moreover, keeping your insurance policy active also helps safeguard you against financial liabilities that you could incur after an accident.

Now, as a bike owner, you might also be faced with a situation in which you need to cancel your two-wheeler insurance. For instance, you would need to cancel your coverage if you sell your vehicle and the new owner prefers to take out a new policy from a different insurer. Or, you may need to cancel your policy if you too decide to shift over to a new insurance company before your existing coverage term has been completed.

In this article, we list out the basic steps you need to follow when cancelling your two-wheeler insurance policy.

  1. Contact your insurance company

Most insurance providers require you to give them notice of around 7 days when cancelling your coverage. It is not possible to contact the insurance company and get your two-wheeler insurance cancelled the very same day. When you inform your insurance company of your wish to cancel coverage, they will ask you the reason for your decision. Then, they will guide you on the documents and paperwork that must be completed.

  • Complete the documentation

Make sure to complete the documentation procedure for cancelling your two-wheeler insurance as per the instructions of the insurer. Note down all the paperwork they require so that you do not miss out on anything. You may choose to walk into a branch of the insurance company and complete the cancellation in person. Or, you may be given the option to email the documents at your convenience.

  • Receive your refund

If you cancel your two-wheeler insurance policy mid-term, you might be due for a refund. Contact your insurer and ask them how much refund you will receive pro rata. Remember that you might get charged a fee for cancelling the policy.

Finally remember to also get the cancellation certificate from the insurer.

Things to keep in mind

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you get your two-wheeler insurance cancelled:

  • You might be asked to show proof of your new policy before cancellation of the existing coverage in case your reason for cancellation is the desire to switch over to a new insurance provider
  • You might not be able to cancel coverage if you have already made a claim during the current policy term
  • The exact procedure for cancellation of two-wheeler insurance can differ between providers so, be sure to check with your insurer what their system requires from you

This is an overview of the steps involved in the cancellation of a two-wheeler insurance policy. We hope this article has helped you. Remember to always have an active two-wheeler insurance policy while riding your bike or scooter. Take care.

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