Avoid Doing These Things While Preparing For NEET

Avoid Doing These Things While Preparing For NEET


Every student aims at giving their best shot at examinations. And when the stakes are as high as career decisions, then the seriousness is all the more. Most of the students participating in NEET are taking it up for the first time. Some are testing waters, whereas some other students simply follow strategies adopted by toppers over the years. While students must be well aware of the dos and don’ts of NEET regardless of the fact if taking it up for the first time or not, not everyone has access to the complete insights on things to avoid. In this article, we put forward some important pointers to keep at bay while preparing for NEET. Read on to find out.

Things To Avoid While Preparing For NEET

1. Undermining NCERT

Unarguably, NCERT is the best resource for NEET. The market is swamped with all the lucrative books, no doubt they are helpful. But NCERT are key resources and must be your go-to book. Most questions appearing at NEET are framed from these resources. So, no matter what your acquaintances have suggested, centre your preparation around NCERT.

2. Avoid Pushing Everything to the last minute

One of the many blunders students commit is procrastinating and then cramming at the eleventh hour. Losing a track of time and then googling for – time table for NEET preparation in 1 month, best study plan for the last 30 days etc makes no sense as it is too late to start preparing for something that your peers are preparing for months together. Hence, one of the first things to be done is starting to prepare right now as there is no replacement for time. 

3. Last minute rush to new topics

Strictly avoid learning something new in the last month before NEET. Take this as a heads up and start working on weak areas or new topics from now as there are a few months before NEET. A big void is created when students fail to understand new concepts clogging their soaring levels of confidence at the last minute, ultimately affecting preparation and performance which is uncalled-for.

4. Never ending breaks

Yes, students are suggested to follow a time table which suggests to have periodic breaks. Don’t over indulge in breaks while preparing for exams and engage in other distractions. This wavers seriousness which you built with dedication. 

5. Underestimating Revision

Do not miss out on any opportunity for revising. However, the nature of the exam is, revision is important. Mostly, students focus on learning concepts to side lining revision and even if revision is carried out, it is not in the right spirits. Mere surface reading must be avoided while revising. The authentic way of revising, where you train your brain to recall learnt concepts is beneficial.

6. Stressed out

Mental well-being is the most important aspect when it comes to appearing and clearing a competitive exam. While being anxious comes naturally to any test-taker, striking a balance is key. Clear up your mind, declutter and focus on your NEET study plan and hence performing better. Avoid unnecessary anxiety so as to get habituated to the same temperament even in the exam hall.

These were a few things to be mindful of while preparing for NEET. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel for the best content on NEET preparation.

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