MBA without GMAT Requirement in USA, Europe, India

MBA without GMAT Requirement in USA, Europe, India


Scoring high on the GMAT is one of the major goals that all serious MBA applicants set for themselves. Preparations for the test account for almost 70 % of total time and effort an average candidate will dispense to get selected into the MBA program of his choice. Often, it would be after multiple attempts at cracking the GMAT Exam that candidates might get a score satisfactory enough to get selected at top ranked b-schools.

Nevertheless,under our radar  there are also a few b-schools in the USA, Europe, and India that can take the pressure off of you for taking the GMAT. MBA programs which do not require you to submit your GMAT scores may accept GRE test results as an alternative and some don’t even ask for that!

MBA for Business Executives that Do not Require GMAT

Have you had a few years of experience as a professional and now looking to upgrade your qualifications for higher ranks by procuring an MBA? Then these MBA programs with no GMAT Exam requirements offered by the following global b-schools might be the right fit–

Kelogg Executive MBA from Northwestern University

You would be asked to show 8 years of work experience at the least to be considered for this course levied without GMAT scoring. The average range of work experience showed by candidates vary between 12-15 years. This MBA without GMATcan give you a full spectrum exposure to general management course aspects.

Duke Fuqua Global Executive MBA

Welcome to a 15 month course program with the privilege of learning business while operating at different cities over the course of time. The course is divided into five terms, the first two of which will have you stay on residency in the main campus at Durham, NC, in the USA. You can choose to spend the next three residency terms at two different world cities. GMAT Examscore is a non-requirement for taking this course but you need to show at least 10 years of working experience, the average being 15 years.

MIT Executive MBA

This high ranking EMBA program is conducted by MIT Sloan School of Management spans over 20 months and is a general management program. You need to attend classes once every three weeks with 26 sessions conducted on Fridays and Saturdays. The schedule can fit perfectly into one’s busy professional life. You can qualify for this MBA without GMAT by showing 10 years of work experience.

The above listed courses can be pursued without having to take a full break from your current jobs. You need to have only a part time commitment and continue enjoying your income stream.

Full-time MBA Programs that Do Not Require GMAT

Not a lot of b-schools offer MBA aspirants to come in without a GMAT score but a handful of lesser-known MBA full-time courses waive off GMAT score requirements. Though, whether this kind of MBAs will match the requirements of the career you would be pursuing in the future, is a matter of research.

University of Central Lancashire- There’s a 12-month MBA program by UCL offering a full time MBA prospectus. Instead of GMAT Exam scores, you would be required to submit your IELTS and TOEFL scores here.

Birmingham City Business School- MBA offered by this college gives preference to GMAT score holders with at least 500 points, but admission requirements waive off GMAT scores. As an international applicant you can attend the admission scan with TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Amity Global Business School (Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and other locations)- You can undertake a 2 years full-time PGPM+MBA course here at Amity and be ensured of good placements. There are no entrance test requirements.

Go for your dreams, with or without GMAT scores!

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