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How to find a roommate in Northern Virginia? Check out five roommate finders today


Finding a new roommate, whether it’s for rent halving purposes or having company in the house, is nonetheless no easy task. After all, you need to find the right person that’s not only is considering moving to Alexandria, Virginia, but is also looking to live with someone else. In addition to those criteria, they need to be someone you can get along with quickly, which is not always straightforward. As experience may tell, some people have incompatible lifestyles. Luckily, by introducing technology into the mix, you can find a variety of excellent online services to help connect you to your future roommates! Here are the top 5 roommate finders, that we’ve taken notice to be most effective.

  1. Facebook

That’s right; the popular social network is not only a great place to connect with your friends and family, but also with your new future roommates! The vast amount of people using it means that it has some of the broadest outreach – this social network makes it easy to connect fast. The groups feature is ideal for this function, as people will group based on interests and goals, leading you directly to people that would be looking for a roommate as well. Groups focused on van rental in Virginia, or roommates VA are perfect places to start.

  1. Roomiematch

This website’s goal is to (you guessed it) match the roommates that would fit each other’s personality best. A great avenue if you’re looking for a roommate you can get along with, this website also scans its database for any fraudulent posting. It gets the real location based on IP. It takes extra measures to ensure that the people who sign up looking for movers in Northern VA manage to find a roommate before they even move in.


This excellent website has been around for some time, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. It’s easy and free to use, and its widespread appeal tends to make it get results quickly too. Additionally, they have a custom system to help in connecting you with numerous compatible roommates, based on specific criteria you select. Say you’re both using the services of the best movers in Arlington VA, that’s already something you have in common which can get you started talking! It is genuinely effortless to use and will save you a lot of hassle, but some of the options are locked away behind a premium payment.

  1. Roomi

A relative newcomer to the scene, this is nonetheless a fantastic way to find your future roommate. It’s an app, which is structured almost like one of the great dating apps, allowing you to approve or disapprove a listing with a flick of the hand. That is handy since it gives you a way of connecting with people based on their profile. For example, if someone’s looking for affordable movers near me, you can direct them to your favourite company and strike up a friendly conversation to see if they’re the one. Don’t go overboard though, remember, this is an app only for finding your roommates. There are other apps for different intents.

  1. Craigslist

Last but not least is Craigslist, the wildcard platform. You may find your ideal rooming buddy there, or some positively unusual individuals – there’s all kinds. It’s been going strong as America’s #1 platform for posting your listings online and reliably getting a response, even though newer services have taken a bit of the spotlight. You can try your luck here in the category of moving companies, Northern VA, for all things related to moving in that area, which includes the people looking for roommates.

With the help of these platforms and services, we sincerely hope you’ll get to meet your ideal roommate in no time. Best of luck and happy roommate hunting!

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