Best Flowers To Give To Your Love On Rose Day

Best Flowers To Give To Your Love On Rose Day


The season of love is just round the corner and one of the best days that comes along with this week is the Rose Day. The perfect day to dedicate love to your beloved, flowers are some of the best things to give on Valentine’s Day. The pretty blooms complement the beauty of your love and fill their day with happiness and laughter. While roses are one of the best and most loved flowers, there are a lot of other blooming beauties that are pure symbols of love and affection and the perfect way to express your feelings. From beautiful carnations to mesmerizing lilies, there are a lot of flower choices that you can choose from. This rose day, do something different by not just giving red roses but going beyond these flowers and giving something different. Here are all the flowers you can choose from:

Peonies: Commonly associated with romance, and prosperity, these flowers are also believed to be good luck charm for all the people. These flowers are also believed to bring good fortune to whoever receives them hence making for the perfect valentine flowers. Having roots in Greek mythology, these flowers are perfect to dedicate to your beloved on this special day.

Matthiola Incana: These delicate flowers will be a pleasant surprise to your valentine on this special day. The flowers symbolize beauty that does not fade with age and a lifetime of happiness. These will surely be her favourite flowers and bring a beautiful smile on her face. These blooms not only look wonderful on the outside, but will complement your beloved’s beauty.

Chrysanthemum: These flowers are a pure symbol of love and passion. Giving these romantic flowers will add a spark to your beloved’s day and make her bloom with a smile. Chrysanthemum flowers come in different colors and every flower color has its own meaning. Chrysanthemums definitely are one of the most unique and different flowers to start your rose day with.

Ranunculus: These swirly and colorful flowers are also known as “buttercups”, and symbolize charm, attraction and radiance. Let your beloved know that you are dazzled by her charms with these lovely blooms and let love grow on this special day. You can also make an online flower delivery in Bangalore and surprise your girl in the best way.

Aster: Named after their start-shaped flower head, these flowers represent love, charm and sensitivity. You can also give pink blossoms to your girl on this day that also represent the goddess of love. What better way to complement your darling than these blooming beauties.

Rose Day is not only meant to give roses but also other amazing flowers that symbolise love and affection. Celebrate this Rose Day with a twist but celebrate love with the same intensity with these pretty blooms.

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