What Are the Best Ways to Choose Wine Tote Bag for Your Business

Due to affordable pricing, the scope of customization, and large exposure, wine totes bags serve to be an effective business promotion tool. If you are planning to use these bags in your business marketing strategy, then here are a few aspects that you need to consider.

Number of wine bottles

A majority of wine totes have the ability to carry one to six bottles of wine. Custom Earth Promo is the best place to get wholesale wine totes at a competitive price. You will find attractively designed tote bags in unique styles, and patterns that are sure to captivate your business customers.

Size of wine bottles

Another thing that you will need to consider is the size of wine bottles that you will require to transport in the wine totes.


Wine totes come either as hard-sided, or soft-sided. The ones that are made from neoprene are softer, and those made from leather are harder. Also, leather is more susceptible to get dirty, or scratched, whereas nylon or canvas is more washable, and durable. Compared to a soft tote bag, a hard-sized tote provides you a higher level of protection.


Insulation is another big factor that you need to consider when choosing wine totes. Not all wine bags come as insulated. If you are traveling outdoors, insulated ones will be perfect as the product contained in it will remain at the same temperature for a longer time.

So, the need for the freezer, heater, etc. on the way will be minimized. Neoprene totes provide insulation to a small extent. That makes them ideal for short trips.

A few insulated wine tote bags have got thermal shield insulation that provides them an enhanced level of insulation when compared to neoprene. Insulated wine totes have insulated coolers on interiors, and sturdy nylon, or cloth on its exterior with a long strap. They are affordable and can be present at several stores that carry housewares.


One of the good things about wine bottle totes is that it comes in a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from. Neoprene carriers are designed to be very inexpensive, convenient to fold, and light. If you are in search of a compact wine bottle carrier, then choose tote bags made from this material. They are available in solid colors, and widely available.

Companies are offering silk-screened totes in neoprene that make them more personalized. This is a wonderful means to honor a major event like the achievement of sales goals and an annual gathering.

Elegant wine totes are made from hard-sided leather-based cases. They have the capacity to hold one to four bottles of wine. They come in various colors such as brown, black, natural, and tan.

Wine cork purses are available in several different fabrics, and exterior designs similar to regular purses. They have longer purse straps or clutch handles.


From simple to trendy, tote bags come in several designs. To get the best returns from every single penny that you spend on this marketing campaign, you need to take note of these considerations diligently.

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