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Top 5 Reasons You Should Get A Smart Lock for Your Front Door

The traditional lock and key system has somehow managed to hold its place amidst technological advancements. Well, not anymore. It’s time to say goodbye to the humble lock and key and welcome the smart lock. Smart locks (or digital locks) are the next big thing in Home Security. Designed to work with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even voice assistants, a smart lock can up your security game while making things so much easier for you. If you’re on the fence about whether to invest in a smart lock, then read this article by Emergency Locksmiths Brisbane to find out the pros of having a smart lock on your front door.

Top 5 Benefits of Having A Smart Lock on Your Front Door

  1. You Don’t Have to Carry Your Keys with You All the Time

One of the top benefits of having a smart lock is that you no longer have to go through the hassles of constantly digging for keys in your pockets, bags or searching all over the house for them. Instead, you can unlock your front door via Bluetooth access from your phone, or you can key in the secret code.

  1. Track Who Entered & Exited Your Home

A smart lock will allow you to monitor who enters and exits your home and when through an app on your phone. This feature is particularly great for parents with teenagers. You’ll exactly when your teen son or daughter comes home. Missed their curfew? You’ve got the proof on your phone. Beats having to stay up late to catch them red-handed!

  1. They Make Your Home More Secure

Smart locks are known for being ‘unpickable’. This is because, unlike traditional locks that can be easily manipulated or broken, a smart lock will only give access to those with the code. If you attempt to tamper with it, it will send an alert to the owner’s phone and they in turn can call the authorities.

  1. It Sleek and Discreet

Smart locks these days are not bulky or an eyesore. Instead, they come in a variety of different finishes, sizes and can look quite stylish on your front door. You can have a smart lock installed that perfectly matches your door, complementing it instead of disrupting the look of your front door.

  1. It Has the Potential to Scare Off Burglars

Did you know that the most common point of access for burglars is the front door. Most burglars simply walk up to the front door, try to pick the lock and if that fails, try to break down the door. If you have a smart lock installed, it will scare away burglars and thieves as they know tampering with it will alert the homeowners or the security provider. So, most burglars will skip your house if they feel it’s too much of a challenge.

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