Tips to prepare your car for shipping

When moving a car from one place to the next, working with an auto transportation company is the way to go. With a company specializing in vehicle shipping, domestic and international shipping becomes straightforward.

The benefits of choosing a car shipping company include:

  • reducing the risks of damage to the car
  • time efficiency and guarantees
  • preventing transportation delays

If your car will be crossing a vast distance to get to you – you will be able to save thousands of miles in the process. Your car will be safely loaded in the truck, with no worries. Only one thing is left – preparing your car for the shipment!

1. Basic maintenance

To make sure your car is going to get well to the destination, you’ve got to prepare it first. Remember that even though it will be transported most of the time, it will still be driven to, and from, the pick-up points. You should pay attention to any leaks, make sure the tank is a quarter full and the battery is working all right.

Remember, if there are difficulties in driving the car to and from the truck, it might cost you extra in the end. A thorough inspection will make sure there are no issues.

2.Clean it up

A basic courtesy, and one especially important in times of Corona, when shipping a car directly it’s great to clean the place up. It helps you in the process, by making sure all the things inside the car are the ones necessary for the transportation. It means taking out any spare change, air fresheners, or electronics. That way, when you get it back, you will not have a mess in your hands, as your car will be jostled during transportation – leaving all the aforementioned items flying.

A good rule of thumb is: whatever is not fixated, needs to be out.

3.Disable the alarm

This one may seem counterintuitive, but if you’ve chosen door-to-door shipping, make sure to disable any anti-theft measures. The reasoning is: if someone must drive the car from the truck to your car, you don’t want there to be limited functionality involved – making the process harder on everyone involved.

Similarly, if you’ve chosen to drive the car into the truck and pick it up personally, lock your car but turn off the alarms. Otherwise, it will regularly make a racket during transportation. In a similar vein, remember to make a copy of your keys and hand them to the driver.

4.figure out insurance

One of the central elements of anything these days is having a plan B. It is highly advisable to either choose a shipment choice that includes basic insurance in thecar shipping costor pick out an insurance plan yourself.

Whether the damage is caused by natural causes, accidents, or misconduct – an insurance policy will give you the peace of mind necessary during the process. Make sure that your plan covers auto transportation specifically, as it’s not always a given when looking for car insurance

5.Do a full inspection

Before signing the bill of lading, take a good look at your car and assess its current state. Mark any damage, quirks, and specifics of it, so that you’ll know what to compare it with when you get back. Photos are your best friend, so take as many as you can, from various angles.

Everything from discolorations to dents needs to be covered so that in the very unlikely event of any damage coming to your car, you have everything necessary to prove it on hand.

Shipping a car is extremely easy, and can often even save money, overall. Choose Dellcy, America’s premier vehicle shipment company, and receive the deals of a lifetime.

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