Things to do to make your sister feel special on this Rakhi

The most auspicious day for brother and sister is RakshaBandhan when they celebrate the love between them with colorful Hindu rituals. No matter if you have an elder sister who supports and guides you in every aspect of your life, or a younger one who admires and loves you unconditionally; the beauty of RakshaBandhan remains the same for every brother and sister, in all the Indian families. The love, affection, and unlimited fun momentsin this relationship make it the best in the world.

While your sister is all set with beautiful Rakhi threads, sindoor, rolichawal and everything according to the festivity, what are you up to for making this day a special one for her? Rakhi gifts are mandatory. But apart from just a gift, you can also do so many things that will leave your lovely sister awestruck. Because sisters are always expressive but brothers hardly show that they too care for their sisters a lot. So, prove it right that you too are capable of expressing how much you value this special occasion of Rakhi and the bonding you share with your sister. Here are a few tips for you to work on the same!

A surprise of flowers in the Early Morning

Flowers can bring happiness and brighten up your mood on any day. But a bunch of fresh flowers in the early hours of the morning will surely make the entire day a bright one. With online flower delivery services of MyFlowerApp.Com, you can easily order any floral arrangement on the same day, as well as in the early morning. We bring you the best flower gifts in every city, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and many more.

Adorable Soft Toys and delicious chocolates to make her happy

A gift as adorable as a soft toy can make your sister smile for a long time for sure! And to make your gift even more striking, add a pack of her favourite chocolates to it too! This can make her day a joyful and memorable one.

A delicious surprise of her favouritecake

Everyone celebrates Rakhi with sweets. You can add a twist to the festival by ordering a Rakhi theme cake. On this special day that is so important for you and your lovely sister, bring a delicious cake and share it among your family, cousins, relatives and definitely, with your sister. A surprise of cake can never let you down. You can get the wishes carvedon the top of it with whipped cream. Some best buying flavours of cakes are black current, Oreo, strawberry, red velvet, black forest, and chocolate.

Take her on a short road trip

Ask your sister, which nearby place she wants to go. You can make a picnic plan or just take her on your bike or car to wherever she wants to go. You can celebrate the day at a peaceful isolated place, far from the hustle bustle of the city, or even can go to a park to enjoy with some snacks and drinks.

Watch a movie together

As the pandemic is going on and we are still bounded due to partial lockdown, you can not take her to a theatre. But you can still enjoy the movie time by watching a Netflix latest or any online movie that you have always wanted to watch together.

Be a chef and cook her favourite dish

Have you ever prepared a meal for your family, or especially for your lovely sister? If you haven’t, then today is the perfect day you should do it! Surpriseher with her favourite dish that she always wants to eat at home. A food prepared with love and affection tastes better than any lavish restaurant. You can arrange a dine out on your roof top, or on the balcony. Take help from your mom, wife or anyone else who cooks well at home. This can be one of the most thoughtful and sweetest gift you can give her.

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