Ram V Chary Offers Few Beginners Tips for Good Graphic Design

Each and every company, freelancer and independent professional requires a logo. Once people decide that it’s time to start their own venture, choosing to design their brand logo would have to be one of their prime steps. While there is always the choice of seeking out the aid of a professional logo designer for it, there are certain people who are just getting their feet wet with the business and can’t afford such a service at that moment.  In this situation, they can try to create a logo all by themselves, by checking out tips offered online, including on the blogs created by leading designers like Ram V Chary.

With the help of DIY logo design tools and cost-effective graphic design programs available today, all businesses do not necessarily have to hire an expensive ad agency for the purpose of creating their brand identities. While nothing can replace actual experience and expertise, here are a few logo design tips for beginners that can get them on the right creative path:

Stick to one or two colors and never use more than three colors: Any logo that uses too many colors stands a chance of becoming overwhelming and too cluttered.  Moreover, it can be pretty expensive to create multi-color logos in print.

  • Use only one or two fonts: Having to many font styles leads to the creation of a logo that looks that a number of unrelated pieces put together, and not like any cohesive unit.
  • Make sure it works in black and white: Any good logo design will work well in black and white.
  • Make sure it works on both light and dark backgrounds: One must not forget that their logo can appear on multiple types of backgrounds. Hence, prior to finalizing a design, they need to test it on both light and dark backgrounds, and see to it that it is perfectly legible in both.
  • Make sure it looks good at all sizes: A logo will appear in multiple sizes throughout the lifecycle of a brand. Hence, one must test it at varied sizes, right from a business card size and billboard size to make sure it is scalable.
  • Stick to a two-dimensional design: Even though three-dimensional logo designs are certainly gaining popularity, the 2D ones are definitely a safer and better choice for someone who is not well-versed enough with the domain of graphic design.

To compete in a market, all businesses have to make a certain level of visual communication with their target audience. A custom logo design has the potential to reflect the brand identity and messaging of a company to a broad set of audience, and help them to project their business values efficiently.   To create the best possible logo for their company, one can always follow the tips mentioned above or go through the blog posts made by Ram V Chary and other industry experts.

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