Quality Control and Quality Assurance inspection Companies

The inspection companies are playing a major role for the retailers and importers. They trust them for their work quality and best practices they follow in factory inspection and audits. The KRT is the name you can trust in industrial audit and inspections. They help the importer to receive zero defective products at their end. They have budget-friendly packages for conducting various inspection services. The importer can select the needed one. You can book them online too and make an online payment. Here, we have discussed their services.

Full factory Inspection

Full factory inspection is necessary to carry with a third-party inspection company when you are dealing for the first time. This is because; you must know your manufacturer first. Then only you can trust them and give bulk orders. You must inspect the below-mentioned points.

Business License

This will check about the ownership and company registration. You can see when they have renewed their license.

Statutory Compliance

This will check for statutory compliance, and they are paid properly.

Industrial Safety

A factory must have all safety equipment and supplies. In case of uncertainty like fire, they must be equipped with fire extinguishers to put them off. They also see the workers are having proper gears, and safety accessories while in their works.


This is the main thing you must know about your supplier. They must be financially sound. You can check their bank accounts and see any default is there with their clients.

Full factory inspection is the best for importers assurance. You can check with KRT full factory audit price. You can compare them with other third-party audit companies.

Services from Third-party Inspection Companies

  • Anti-Terrorism Audit
  • Basic Factory Audit
  • Business License Check
  • Complete Factory Audit
  • Complete Reseller Audit
  • Complete Social Audit
  • Container Loading Check
  • Defect Sorting Inspection
  • Final Shipment Inspection
  • First Article Inspection
  • In-Process Inspection
  • Process Supervision

You can avail these audits and inspections separately or in a package. Selecting their package is the best for any importer. This is because they are cheaper than selecting separately. There are specialized agencies, who do the below-mentioned services only.

  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Product inspection
  • Factory Inspection
  • Quality Inspection

They are best when you need specialized services. They use the latest tools and techniques in their inspection works. They work 24/7 and will go for inspection at more than one site on the same day. They give online and hard copy inspection report.

Availing the service from a third-party inspection company is the best for retailers and importers. In this way, you follow the best practice. Any finding will help the manufacturer and importer to improve further. By this way, you can import defect-free goods. This will make you earn profits. When you follow the quality standards, your goods will not be rejected while importing. Third-party inspection companies are affordable and friendly people. You can select one from the top 10 inspection companies in your area.

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