Plans to Celebrate Friendship Day

Of course, you don’t need any more reason to celebrate the one closest to you. But why not have another excuse to make them feel special? Friendship Day is the perfect occasion to let your friends know how much they are needed and loved so don’t let any desire slip away. Celebrate and make your friends feel special for your friendship.

If you want to get creative and do something different to mark this important day, here are some Friendship Day celebration ideas for you. So go ahead and have a fabulous and greater Friendship Day celebration!

Surprise Cake

Who wouldn’t be surprised when they receive delicious designer cakes right at their doorstep on the occasion of friendship day? You can place a surprise cake with a heartfelt message to let your friends know they are a special part of your life. For instance, if your friend lives far away in a city like Pune or Bangalore or any other city then you can avail cake delivery in Hyderbad and make them feel your presence.

Organise a Party

You can organise a party on a friendship day. You can decide the venue and all the management, all the friends can contribute towards it. Parties always make a day more memorable and friendships should always be remembered.

Camping or a Short Vacation

You and your friends can also go for a vacation or for a long drive. You can organise a short weekend type vacation of 1 or 2 days such as if you are a resident of delhi, you can go for a manali 2 days vacation or shimla as well. That would be a perfect idea of a friendships day celebration.

Friendships Day Sleepover Party

You can also organise a sleepover party in which all the friends can gather at a place for a sleepover. You can watch movies, or play some games or simply talk. That can be a very nice way to spend your friendship day. All your friends would definitely like it.

Organise a Match

If your friends like sports like cricket or football, you can book a ground for the day and ask everyone to gather and play a cricket or football match. That would also be a gathering of your friends and it would also be interesting as playing a match always is. Everyone should love this idea.

Friendship Day Bracelet

You can also give your friends a friendship bracelet which would signify your love for them. You can also make your own bracelet that would make them feel more special. A friendship bracelet also shows simplicity that you want to celebrate your friendship day very simple.

Make Handmade Cards

The best way to show your love towards your friends is to make a card for them. You can make a card in which you can put some of the pictures you have together and also write your feelings towards them about how much your friends matter to you. A handmade card shows the efforts and lives you put in them. Your friends should love that.

So, these were some great ideas which you can execute to celebrate friendship day. Friends are the greatest treasure of life, keep them safe. Happy Friendship day!

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