iVital attributes of a good LIMS system

iVital attributes of a good LIMS system


A modern analytic laboratory needs LIMS system to assist the management in evaluating the efficiency of the lab’s operations and reduce costs. The Laboratory Information Management serves as the interface to your lab’s data, instruments, and reports. To avoid numerous regulatory risks and ensure secure work environments in your labs, you need to invest in a good LIMS system. Here are some of the vital attributes of an ideal LIMS system you should look out for when selecting the right software.


A good LIMS system should enable seamless coordination between lab managers, quality analysts, and lab technicians. Lack of coordination between various stakeholders who perceive the disparate systems differently will create data lapses. The software helps automate various manual workflows and help streamline multi-system integration. In fact, manual paper-based processes add complexities to the multifaceted laboratory work environments. Decision managers and information system managers will benefit from real-time insights generated from the LIMS system to make real-time informed decisions and eliminate time-consuming deliberations.

Your company can expect a boost in ROI when various stakeholders can manage to collaborate in creating suave lab environments. It is unhealthy to find a work environment where stakeholders don’t collaborate based on geographical differences. LIMS helps create a central repository for tracking various business processes and monitor quality at all times.


Complying with the regulatory terms of laboratory business can be an arduous job. The LIMS software will guarantee consistency, which will, in turn, assure you of data integrity. For consistency, you need an integrated LIMS program that helps track your lab data from systems such as the information management, electronic laboratory notebooks, document management, quality management, learning management, and deviation tracking. The functionality of your LIMS software should allow analytical data to be stored in your system to eliminate any typographical and transcription errors. It is faster to execute various tasks using a single platform.


Paper-driven tracking systems can fail to protect your lab from a regulatory backlash. Therefore, ensure that the system you choose for your organization supports compliance. Your system should provide a secure environment for authenticating electronic signatures and validating systems with improved data visibility.
Laboratory process management goes beyond executing laboratory operations efficiently. It is necessary to ensure all processes are harmonized, coordinated and validated to help your organization scale up and boost efficiency.

Every Pharmaceutical or MedDevice lab needs to analyze various data sets to make informed decisions. And, deviations in capturing and analyzing crucial data accurately can paralyze the process of decision making. Hence, you should invest in a credible LIMS system that can tackle the complex nature of laboratory workflows.

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