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Five advantageous upgrades to your house

Stock and basic items usually have the most value in the long-run. Both visual and performance upgrades have their perks and flaws. However, take upgrading too far, and you’ve got a problem. Needlessly upgraded cars, overly-improved homes and all might look good for a particular person, but for most people they are opposite of beautiful and those very same upgrades might be useless. However, in this list we’ve compiled five upgrades that are definitely worth the attention and the investment as they greatly improve everyday living comfort.

Tinted windows

Tinted windows are not a regular household upgrade. However, that trend could change as it is a recently new option for households, but offices have been implementing tinted windows for a while now. Blinds and shutters are not the ideal choice 100% of the time. However, a past lack of alternatives left people to be only able to choose the latter. Tinted windows dim, according to the light they’re getting, so you can stay comfortable inside and avoid rays and blinding light.

Nowadays tinted windows are getting more and more popularity. A trend we can likely see continue into the future.

Waterproof wood siding

Rotting and moisture damage are quite common all over the world. The material which suffers most damage from water is obviously wood. However, instead of waiting for that fateful day, you can take action now and install burnt wood boards. Burnt wood or charred wood is processed using a Japanese wood burning technique known as Yakisugi. It makes the wood water and fireproof, yet it remains breathable. The Shou Sugi Ban (Japanese name for the end product) has a more premium look and feel. It can be used as cladding, flooring, decking, fencing, etc.

Automatic Blinds

Even though we’ve mentioned tinting your windows, we have an alternative by the name of automatic blinds. They are controlled remotely, by independent mechanisms that wind and unwind according to command. You can program them to open once you wake up and close when you’re going to sleep. It’s not the cheapest solution out there, but it’s definitely very convenient.

Smart heating & security

This would be an investment into your comfort and safety which shouldn’t be measured in money. Yes, smart systems are on the costlier side, but having a smartphone-controlled home CCTV network and a remotely controlled set of locks is very reassuring if you value your belongings.

Smart heating is also very advantageous because you save precious time that it usually takes to setup and adjust heating and air conditioning.


Once again, a decking isn’t that investment which people think about at first, but it’s definitely worth it. Having a wooden space outdoors is really more comfortable than walking on a lawn. Besides, you can have a BBQ without worries of trampling the lawn down. We would be silly if we didn’t recommend Shou Sugi Ban wood which we mentioned earlier for the decking as well. If you want Shou Sugi Ban, hop on to the website of Degmeda and find out more!

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