Commonly Used Dump Trucks in Construction

It is often the case that dump trucks are necessary for a construction site to ensure that the job gets done. These trucks leverage hydraulic components to lift the contents in its rear and let it fall to the ground. For this reason, they are great at moving aggregates from one point to another. 

If you are a contractor handling residential or building constructions, then for sure you will need a dump truck for your business. In this case, you can search for available dump truck for sale near me through online search engines and you are most likely to find a list of local dealerships that handle big rig acquisitions. Aside from where to source a dump truck, below are some of the commonly used dump trucks in construction that you are most likely to need as well.

Off-Road Dump Trucks

One of the most common types of dump trucks that you will see in a construction site is an off-road dump truck, which is also known as an articulated truck. Aside from a construction site, you will also be able to find this kind of dump truck in a mining site where moving a significant amount of aggregates is performed. Most off-road dump trucks also have the capacity to carry loads of up to 60 tons. With this kind of dump truck, you will find a hinge between the cab and the bed box.

Because of their big size and capability to haul heavy loads, these trucks are ideal for rough terrain. However, they are not designed to be run over developed roads. Off-road dump trucks are also efficient in hauling over long distances. 

Transfer Dump Trucks

The configuration of a transfer dump truck maximizes its load capacity without a negative impact on its maneuverability. This is because a transfer dump truck is pulled by a separate trailer with a movable cargo container. The cargo container is powered by an electric motor on top of the tractor. This tractor travels on wheels rolling into the trailer frame of the main truck.

Side Dump Trucks

Side dump trucks have the largest load capacity compared to the other dump truck types commonly used in construction sites. The great thing about this type of truck is that it can tilt to the site to release its cargo, letting it fall to the ground. For this reason, side dump trucks are considered the fastest type of dump truck in unloading their cargo.

However, a side dump truck has limited maneuverability because of their length, which is necessary to ensure that they don’t tip over. Because of this drawback, you are most likely to find a side dump truck only on construction sites with plenty of space where they can freely maneuver. Another pitfall of this type of truck is that their load carrying capacity is less than that of a standard dump truck.

Standard Dump Trucks

A standard dump truck is the kind that you commonly see in various construction sites. It bears a hydraulic ram between its cab and truck body which is used to lift the dump chassis. While it only bears a single front axle, it can have a couple of rear angles. More often than not, you will find a standard dump truck with six wheels or ten wheels. While a standard dump truck can be effortlessly maneuvered, it is not designed to be used over soft soil.

Other Dump Trucks

Aside from the types of dump trucks listed above, there are still other types of dump trucks that you are most likely to see in construction sites. These include:

  • Truck and Pup. This type of dump truck is capable of stand-alone dumping because it has its own hydraulic ram. Other than that, its configuration is very much similar to a transfer dump truck.
  • Superdump Truck. Because of its capacity to haul large loads, this type of dump truck proves to be advantageous in concrete and asphalt applications. 
  • Semi-trailer end dump truck. This type of dump truck is a kind of side dump truck. However, it has its own hydraulic hoist in its two-axle trailer.
  • Semi-trailer bottom dump truck. This type of dump truck is essential in laying materials in a particular location or in a narrow area. It is composed of a clamshell dump gate located in the center-bottom of its trailer.

To wrap things up, the dump trucks mentioned above are only some of the dump trucks that you will be able to commonly find in a construction site. Depending on the needs of your project, you may find other more special types of dump trucks necessary to get your project completed. Rest assured that you will be able to find the right kind of truck for your needs when you need it with the help of local dealerships.

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