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Built To Last: Outdoor Kitchens in Cape Coral, FL

Paradise Grills Outdoor Kitchens Cape Coral, Florida, is the most extensive outdoor kitchen and grilling company in America. Paradise Grills has won “Best in Show” thirteen times over the region in different competitions, including Meg Caswell’s HGTV award, Southern Ideal’s Raleigh Home Improvement Show, and Connecticut Home Builders Association. But why is it the best when it comes to Built-in Grills in Cape Coral, Florida? What makes it so spectacular? Let’s find out!

Outdoor Kitchens in Cape Coral That Last!

These American-made, outdoor kitchens are durable. Paradise Grills uses the strongest built welded frame. It is 10x stronger than metal stud construction! You are paying for a great grill and an entertainment system, so why wouldn’t you want the best that will last? Paradise Grills offers a lifetime structural warranty, so you don’t have to worry about buying a new one down the road. You will have all that you need, and less stress about the quality.

These kitchens are ergonomically correct. Have you ever sat at a bar, and the footrest was so slim that you kept slipping off? Paradise Grills adds an extra piece that makes all of the difference. An oversized footrest is a great addition. Not only do your feet stay put, but they are also ergonomically built so that you sit up straight, and it makes your back more comfortable. Other bar systems have a small footrest or none at all, and your feet then rely on the stool footrest, if it has one. Using the rest on your stool makes your alignment off when leaning back; thus, you adjust to leaning forward, which is only hurting your posture.

More Than Just a BBQ Grill in Cape Coral

Paradise Grills offers what is called Plug-n-Play, an outdoor electrical system that is all UL listed and is easily plugged into any 110V/15A electrical outlet. As soon as the outdoor kitchen is placed and installed in your backyard, you can just plug it in, and get to entertaining. There is no waiting. Other companies cut costs by using indoor electrical components. Not only is that not its intended use, but it is also dangerous. Paradise Grills takes the extra step to make sure that you are safe while using the outdoor kitchen, and make it fast so that you can start entertaining that night.

These barbeque grills have custom LED lighting. Set the mood of the night with the beautiful remote-controlled LED lights that illuminate your outdoor kitchen. These LED lights can be changed from a soft white glow to a strobe of fast-changing multi-colored fun. Whatever your night may have in plan, set the mood with the beautiful LED lights in your outdoor kitchen.

These kitchens are paradise. In addition to beautiful lights, why not add a welded tiki hut frame to your outdoor kitchen. The welded frame is five times stronger than wood framing. It is also more durable in strong winds and storms. Wood framing can be disastrous when dealing with these conditions.

Expertly Manufactured Grills in Cape Coral

The appliances in the outdoor kitchen are not the kind that you would find at a home improvement store. This outdoor kitchen is constructed with a Paradise GSL-32 Professional grilling system. This grill is commercially rated and is a 304 stainless steel grade. It has a briquette flame control system, a quick lite ignition, and the temperature goes up to 1000 degrees. The outdoor grill has individual burner control, lights inside the hood and on the knobs, and includes a rotisserie, smoke station, and infrared sear station. You may have a hard time trying to find these features in any grill you see at a home improvement store. These are special commercial features available through Paradise Grills.

These kitchens are customizable. One of the coolest features that Paradise Grills offers is its FlexBuild. Paradise Grilling allows you to build your own system to fit your needs. You can choose a grilling system, then select a bar system. You can choose the add-ons and features that you like. You can select from sinks and entertainment systems to lights and refrigerators. Any way you build it will be your design that fits your life.

These built-in grills are America’s largest. Paradise grills are the largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer in America. The factory is over 70,000 square feet where they produce thousands of outdoor kitchens every year. This production capacity and purchasing power along with the quality of construction, commercial-grade stainless steel grills, and the industry’s best warranties have made Paradise Grills America’s leader in outdoor grilling entertainment.

Get Your Paradise Outdoor Kitchen Today

Paradise Grills Outdoor Kitchens in Cape Coral, Florida are more than just an outdoor kitchen and grilling system; it is an experience. It’s where you create memories of summer picnics or a Sunday Football game cookout. No matter the time, no matter the place, Paradise Grills has you covered for every memory. Why not take the plunge and get yourself involved with a Paradise Grills? With all the reasons to get one, where are the reasons not to?

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