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Today’s generation is always a step ahead. They now know the value of money and along with that the importance of savings. People are now more aware in respects of savings. But savings shall be done at the right place to give you proper returns. After all, it’s the money you have earned by your hard work so you definitely want to invest it properly. So, here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the apps which can really help you out in your investments.


Stash is the application you should have if you are planning to build a diverse portfolio. It offers low-cost methods. The stash app includes educational content customized to your investment preferences. This mobile investment app bills itself as the digital landing spot for investors looking for the best financial market tools. The app links to major stock market analysis platforms. For just $1 a month, you will get a personal investment account with unlimited trades, education and fractional investing.

Personal capital

The personal capital is more of a bird’s eye view of your investment portfolio. Person capital app is the app that updates and tracks all of your Investment portfolio holdings and evaluates your portfolio performance and our asset allocation and risk management needs. It charges one fee based on a percentage of asset managed and wealth management. It includes trade costs and custody also. You don’t need to pay any trade commission. It gives you a real-time glimpse of how you are doing in the markets.


The E-Trade app makes researching and trading stocks and funds simple. This app gives an option to trade in stock, options, ETFs and mutual funds via this app. You can also chat with E-Trade customer service professionals as you trade and build your portfolio. This app is love and it keeps you up-to-date on current market find and analysis. You can also compare the performance of the stock by looking at the technical charts. There is a limit of $500 as a minimum balance.


This app allows investors to get a piece of a good publicly-traded company in small bites and in a commission-free manner. This feature is very appealing to younger investors. This app allows users to invest in stocks, ETFs, options, and even cryptocurrency. This app doesn’t charge any fees and commissions. Robinhood seems too good to be true as there is no minimum balance requirement also. This is a very basic app. However, this app is not available for the web.


As the name of the app itself suggests if you want to get started with investing and to learn the investing this Learn app is the perfect solution for you. It contains clear, concise and easy to follow text and audio lessons about investing basics.

All these apps can be easily downloaded from 9apps Apk. As 9apps provides almost each and every app, these can be downloaded for free from there.

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