Amazon Advertising: Know-how of Keywords Harvesting

Keyword harvesting plays a crucial role while flogging with Amazon advertising services. It is also important to be discernible and transfigurative on Amazon through manual, automated and AI-driven campaigns. To encourage customers to buy products or services, one needs to use keyword harvesting or mining to find those keywords which suits their products best. These can be used to run advertising campaigns in Amazon advertising services. To get a kickstart in the PPC games, these keywords are indispensable.

What is Keyword Harvesting?

The automated process of finding and pinpointing those words which are going to be used to target the audience for a client’s ad campaign or converting them from one group of a campaign or an advertisement to another is called Keyword Harvesting. There are two processes through which this method is implemented: the first one is narrowing down keywords from a broad set of words and the second one is anchoring the campaigns of Amazon Advertising Services.

Research suggests that only 44% of consumers go beyond the first two pages while looking for products. Another study also states that only 12% of buyers stop on the first page while looking for products.

Keywords have a direct link with the product or service. That is why both need to be the perfect counterpart of each other. To increase sales in the Amazon platform, one needs to continuously optimise those keywords to get the best results out of Amazon advertisement services.

Let us explore the methods through which the keyword mining process works:

Keyboard Mining through Broad to Narrow Keywords

When a customer searches for a particular product on Amazon using a specific word, a long list of products pop up. However, using a set of words can provide you with the more specific result you are looking for. This defines the use of broad to narrow keywords. You need to refine and choose the exact keywords for your product to be advertised in a more efficient, qualitative and quantitative manner.

PPC system charges according to the advertisements displayed when the buyer clicks on the product, even if the product is not what the buyer is looking for. So, your advertising money gets deducted but no revenue is generated. There is a way to bypass this issue. You need to set three keyword match types to avoid this major setback. They are:


Here, the order of the keyword does not matter. The advertisement of your product may appear when keywords used for searching matches with the product keywords or their close variants such as accents, plural forms, abbreviations, acronym, stemming, etc. Additionally, this formula also looks out for synonyms, incorrect spellings and synonyms for matches.

Phrase Match

In this method, the advertisement of your product can only be shown when the customer searches for exact keywords or the exact keyword among the sequence of the keywords. The critical feature of this particular method is that the word order can be controlled.


As opposed to the previous two methods, the buyer’s query or search needs to match the keyword of the products in the same manner. If there are any other words added after or before those keywords, the product advertisement will not appear.

Keyword Harvesting through Automatic Campaign

Moving ahead, an entirely different way to run an ad campaign through keyword harvesting is the automatic campaign method. This method is recommended by many experts and digital marketing agencies. Amazon advertising services provide a mechanism that automatically finds out which keywords need to be tagged with the product to work most efficiently. It also helps by providing how the keywords worked and through analysis other sets of keywords can be added manually.

Therefore, Keyword harvesting can be used by companies to boost their product sales in the Amazon advertising platform. It also depends on the keywords as much as the product itself, to generate revenue through sales. To make good use of keyword harvesting in amazon advertising services, companies should  hire an agency.

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